Health Insurance Coverage Now Costs $23,215 For A Typical Family


Dont blame the four-year-old Affordable Care Act united states for these changes, though. Milliman says Obamacare has barely had any impact so far on these large employer plans, but thats about to change. The actuarial firm cites Obamacare’s impending excise tax on Cadillac plans valued at at least $27,500 for family coverage starting in 2018 as a factor that will force employers to scale back health plans. Milliman points to other factors that will push down cost increases. Higher out-of-pocket costs are fueling efforts around health-care price transparency, and that’s making consumers become better health-care shoppers. Conversely, an improving economy and an increase in expensive specialty drugs will pressure costs to rise. Employer health plans have been undergoing a major transition and will continue to. They’re increasingly looking at things like ” reference pricing ” and private health insurance exchanges, which put more responsibility on employees to control their health-care costs. That’s all to say that the strategies large employers ultimately adopt to keep down costs and what employees can bear are still evolving. Jason Millman covers all things health policy, with a focus on Obamacare implementation.

VA Mental Health Care Delays, Staff Shortages, Plague Veterans

He came home convinced he was responsible for an incident in which Afghan women and children were killed during a battle. Haunted by nightmares and diagnosed with PTSD, he completed his time with the Marines and went home to Connecticut, where he sought help from the VA in January 2011. When Schiano called the VA, he was told to send an email request, according to an account provided to The Huffington Post by his mother, Debbie. As she remembers it, her son received a VA letter two weeks later saying theyd get back to him in eight or 10 weeks. Two months later, as he continued to agonize over his combat experiences, Schiano’s car ran off the road and he was killed. The VA never had gotten back to him.
VA Mental Health Care Delays, Staff Shortages, Plague Veterans

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