Many Employees Hit With Higher Health Care Premiums

Health care premiums

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Many employees hit with higher health care premiums

Mental Health Heroes: My Kids and #MentalHealthMonth | Mental Health Humor

kids small

Depression is not always so simring easily identifiable. It can be like old expression that says, you cant see the forest because the trees are in the way! That was the case this time with my depression, I didnt realize I was depressed until really, really, depressed!! The first, Four Mental Health Heroes Of May Being depressed came at the most inopportune time! Then again, doesnt every time we get depressed come at a bad time I dont think there is a good time to be depressed. Nevertheless, for me, it was the beginning of my Mental Health Heroes season. In 2008 I, Chato Stewart , came up with an idea as a small way to pay-it-forward the only way I coulddrawing cartoons about mental health disorders each day in May for Mental Health Month (I drew about 18 cartoons). I called it my Cartoon-A-Thon. The following year in 2009, I drew 31 cartoons and included some of his readers. In 2010, I introduced the Mental Health Heroes that highlighted 31 heroes in the mental health community. In 2011, 2012, 2013: Ive kept up with the hero theme to give peers and providers a voice and platform to tell their story.

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