Health Benefit Changes Planned For Louisiana State Workers |

Health Officials Issue Warning After Rabid Skunk Found Dead In West Roxbury « CBS Boston

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana manages the health care plans that cover most of them. In recent months, the insurance program has been hemorrhaging cash, at one point spending $16 million more each month than its revenue collections. A 5 percent premium hike took effect earlier this year to help stabilize the program, along with some benefit reductions. But larger plan changes are on the way, set to begin in January. None of the 2015 health insurance plans will be exactly the same, so workers and retirees will need to choose new insurance options in October. A review of the changes by Travis McIlwain, an analyst with the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Office, said average out-of-pocket costs will be 47 percent higher with the changes. The Jindal administration estimates the benefit cuts and price hikes will save the Office of Group Benefits nearly $132 million in the current budget year. Treasurer John Kennedy, a Republican, said the Jindal administration worsened the financial problems in the insurance program, using money that people paid for health claims to instead balance the state’s budget.

Once people get the virus, it spreads through the body and is often fatal. The commission offers the following tips on avoiding contact with rabid animals: Keep a healthy distance Do not feed or touch animals that you do not know, including all wild animals. Do not keep wild animals as pets it is illegal and dangerous. Do not touch or pick our website up dead animals. Teach children to never approach strange animals even baby animals can be dangerous. Cover and secure garbage cans and never leave pet food outside. Ensure all openings in your home are closed and secure to prevent wildlife from moving in. Protect your pets Make sure your pet (dog, cat, or ferret) is up-to-date on rabies vaccination. Do not let your pets roam freely outdoors.

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